green: becoming less of a consumer

This isn't strictly interior design related, but it's the minimal/simple/green philosophy that I love so much.  It can translate into any area (and hopefully all areas) of our lives.  

I like that the author writes about pooling together and forming collaborations.  I think that's a great idea - to find other people who share similar views about limiting the resources that they use, and helping each other with that goal by sharing.  For real...I have a great Bosch mixer that I use maybe twice a month (and then, only for smoothies).  If I told my neighbors that they could borrow my mixer any time they liked, we would save the resources we would've spent if we all got one.

I've not been as conscious of living small the past few months as I want to be.  This article gave me new inspiration on how and why to live smaller.


project: r+d paint selection

r+d just bought a new home down in miami  (congrats!!) and wanted to give her a fresh coat of paint before moving in.  they are moving with very little furniture and want a sophisticated, neutral palette that they could add any kind of furniture and accent colors into.  

r loves green and grey, and really wants to use the floral chair shown below.  they also have yellowish oak floors that are staying.  so with that direction, this is the paint scheme i put together for them:

all the colors are benjamin moore.  i suggested painting all the trim and woodwork in decorator's white (a nice, pure white with no undertones) to tie in the different colors and make the rooms flow.  galapagos green would make the living room cozy and warm.  sage tint in the dining and kitchen areas, as well as the bathrooms, keep it bright.  silver song in the master bedroom.

r loves gold accents, which i think would work beautifully with this palette.  she wants to incorporate natural elements like tree branch artwork, pallets, etc. her calm accent colors could be violet and sky blue, or if she wants to get really crazy she could accent with fuchsia or poppy.

when i get some after pictures, i'll post them!


guest: luxurious master bedrooms

Today I've got a guest blogger giving tips for making a master bedroom more luxurious.  Take it away, Joanna!

 Hello! I’m Joanna, a blogger for Arcadian Lighting, an online source for gorgeous light fixtures of every style. I adore my work. It’s so much fun to spend my days searching the Internet for the most lovely interior design images and decorating ideas. When it comes to my own decor, it’s very eclectic--I can’t decide on just one style or color. Many of us live such amped up lifestyles, we need a space that is dedicated to relaxation and renewal—a luxurious master bedroom provides just that. Elements such as sumptuous bedding, pale palettes, dim lighting, and soft textures add desired comfort to the space. The following are some of my favorite master suites. Which do you like best? Thank you Sarah, for letting me share with your readers today!
Master Bedroom
Soft earthy tones make this master suite the perfect place for a good night’s sleep. Fretwork mirrors and window treatments add interest to the space. A fireplace in the bedroom is always a huge plus.
Master Bedroom
An all-white suite features metallic elements for a sophisticated feel. The curvy tufted headboard adds a touch of luxury.
Master Bedroom
This stately master bedroom, with its French furnishings and fine detailing, looks luxurious enough for a princess.
Master Bedroom
A massive canopied bed is the focal point of this traditional master bedroom. Windows overlook the cityscape. The vintage rug perfectly anchors the space. A lovely mix of lamps will cast a warm glow after dark.
Master Bedroom
This glamorous loft suite boasts silvery elements on all surfaces and furnishings. The French floor mirrors reflect light into the room making the metallic surfaces glisten. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 What do you think of these luxurious master bedrooms? Add lavishness to your bedroom with one of the many ceiling lights, wall sconces, or lighting fixtures from our site!


inspired: pia wustenberg

i have had precious little time for myself lately but as i couldn't NOT share this.  i recently stumbled on the work by pia wustenberg and instantly fell in love.  i love the mix of materials, the modern shapes with the traditional materials, and her brilliant innovation.  see for yourself:

"india"stacking vessels - a 3 part vessel made of ceramic, glass, and wood.


hanging lights made with rolled paper that's been turned with a lathe

more stacking vessels.  i think i want all of these.

tea set.  simple and serene.

i love this trestle with colorful paper beads.

and my favorite part?  she's a designer with a sense of humor.  i totally covet this portable hanging nest.  and the graphite and paper ring and cuff set is sheer brilliance!

now that i know what my life savings will be blown on... what's your favorite product from her collection?  and what are your thoughts on her aesthetic?


favorite things: wrist gear

a person's favorites say a lot about them.  favorite pieces of art, favorite books, music, accessories.  today i'm going to highlight a few of my favorites, but i want my next favorite things post to be about your favorites!  

 a wardrobe can be a great way to express your identity or figure out someone else's style.  i realized that my style can be pretty succinctly summed up in the 3 things i wear on my wrists.  here they are and here's how i translate them into my interior design style:

1- leather bracelet: a little bit old and worn, full of character, and patina.  =  vintage leather lounger.

2- woven friendship bracelets: colorful, textured, a little bit bohemian, a little bit craftsy.  =  a funky, geometric pillow and eastern-inspired parsons table.

3. white slap-bracelet watch: clean, bright, somewhat futuristic, with a touch of silliness to it.  = futuristic-looking lamp and bright, funky vases, both with curvy, whimsical lines.

put them all together and whaddaya got? my style in a seating area. behold: 

so here's the new game: you show me your favorites and i'll design a mini-board for you!  either send me a link to or just email me [satsavage@gmail.com] pics of a few (3 or 4) of your favorite things and let the fun begin!


inspired: blushing rose

as i was out walking yesterday, i couldn't help but notice how beautiful the shade of blush was on this rose.  

blush is a great way to add a touch of femininity to a room.  but depending on how it is styled, the color it can run the gamut.
from hyper-feminine and pretty
to adorable homespun coziness
to straight midcentury funk (note the blush wall-coloring) 

personally, my favorite way to style it would be a combination of all three.  a little retro, a little feminine, and a little tough.

how would you style your space with blush?
all sources on pinterest


living smaller: january home purge

so about that 2012 goal to live smaller...  yep, i'm doing it!  my home is slowly getting smaller.  one key to living smaller is to GET RID OF UNNECESSARY STUFF.  


we all have tons of stuff that we cart around.  why?  
some of it is sentimental.  [that collection of tchotchkes that you don't really like but someone special gave it to you and you can't bear to part with it] 
some of it is "useful."  [that collection of design magazines spanning the past decade that you never look at but you save because one day "i might need them"]
some of it might one day be cool.  [that ugly table would be awesome if i changed out the legs, sanded and re-stained it, and put new pulls on it!]
and on and on and on...
but really?  we haul this stuff around, we move it, it serves a very minimal purpose in our lives, and really, we'd be better off without it.  

so this past weekend i completed my first of monthly home-purge.  
i will be the first to admit that i like my stuff.  all of the above [scenarios] are reasons that i have personally used for keeping stuff.  i am a sentimental person, as well as a dreamer.  BUT... i also know the liberating feeling that comes when you free yourself from your unnecessary junk.

so the purge:
the purging was sort of happening all of january.  as i would come across something that i haven't needed/wanted/used/looked at in the past, oh, year or so, i tossed it in a designated box right by our back door.  clothes, appliances, an old tennis racket, some board games... all in the box.  over the course of the month i accumulated TWO BOXES of unwanted stuff that i could donate to salvation army!  plus, i recycled a whole box full of old design magazines.  that one was like cutting off my right pinky finger.  but i did it.  and i'm pretty pleased with that.  
boxes going to salvation army

so long, unneeded junk
additionally, hubby and i decided to go through our DVD collection.  not only did we minimize by giving away the movies we don't watch, but we also decided to get rid of the plastic cases that house our DVDs, thus taking up less room and making our need for space just a little bit smaller.   

DVDs to be given away

it wasn't a huge project and it didn't take that much time to do, but if i continue to make small changes like this throughout the year, i feel confident that we can have a smaller, simpler home.

what are your feelings on doing home purges?  do you enjoy them or are they hard for you to do?  if they're hard for you, why is that?


blog loves

i just got an award.  yep, a little german-titled award.  it means somebody likes me.   

that somebody happens to be a long-time acquaintance and friend named elise.  we became acquaintances back in 2006-ish when we lived in the same apartment complex, went to the same church, and dated the same guy (though not at the same time...naturally).  we became better friends when she married said guy and we got to know each other a little bit better and discovered how much we have in common!  love of music, singing, sewing, pretty things... in fact, she just completed a great home improvement project that has me wanting to display some lovely mason jars!  check it out!
anyway, she liebt mich so now i get to return the favor and give a shout-out to 5 other bloggers i love!  this is really tough because i have lots of friends who write really great blogs, but here we go.


1) Acknowledge the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.  
 2) Give this award to 5 other bloggers who have fewer than 200 readers. Let them know through a comment on their blog. 
 3) Post this wonderful award on your blog. 
 4) Bask in the glory bestowed upon you and appreciate all the amazing bloggers out there.

1- arica.  cool california girl.  beachey, bohemian style.  

2- jenner.  blogs about all things stylish.  fashion, interiors, events, organization.  tons of eye-candy over here.
jtru designs

3- rachel.  friend and mommy like me, she also is super-crafty.  she makes amazing felt goods and does tons of diy projects.  here's her crafty blog.  i wish we still lived in the same city so we could make cute things together while our boys wrestled each other on the floor.  
Farm Animal Finger Puppets

4- katie.  gotta shout out to my LDSBC buddy katie.  she works her buns off at a furniture and design store in utah and is a jane-of-all-design-trades.  
Duckworth Designs

5- kimmy.  pro photographer, graphic designer (though she calls herself an amateur), diy-er, buddy of mine. i am so happy we became friends.

and because i love excess:
6- annie.  great modern aesthetic.  clever writer.  uber-creative.  i want to be best friends with annie.
7- jenna.  not only does jenna have an aesthetic that i love, but reading her blog just makes me happy.  i admire how she celebrates the little things in her life.  
design sparrow

thanks to all my wonderful friends and acquaintances for inspiring me, giving me beautiful things to look at, and making my days more interesting.  i hope all you readers enjoy looking at their lovely blogs, too! happy valentines day loves!


valentine's day

i'm getting really excited for valentine's day around here.  love... love.... love.... (did you sing it?)

that's all.


jewel tones in action

for those who may not be believers yet.  check out some rich, luxurious jewel tones.  it's a completely different feel - way more luxe, no? - than the all-white spaces that seem to be dominating the airwaves.  and again.... i must add that i love white.  it's fresh and bright.  but these rooms...mmmm... me gusta.




have i converted you?