earth day!

i got this great gift for my birthday from my mom- and dad-in-law - a planter with italian herbs. i had fun planting it the first weekend of april and can't wait til my little plants grow big enough to cook with! here's what my plants look like now:
and basil.
it has been a beautiful week filled with walks through the canyon, getting sunburned, long walks outside, and overall enjoyment of the glorious weather. happy earth day! :)


new colors

i know i'm posting twice in one day which makes it seem like i do nothing but sit at my computer wasting time blogging. i promise i do not.

anyway....i had this dream several nights ago about my blog (dorky, i know; it was actually just a quick flash of colors right before i woke up). it was bright orange with a pale blue text and it was stunning! so i thought i would try it. but to my dismay blogger only has a few colors to choose from and they weren't what i was looking for. so i thought i'd try to find the colors i was looking for. what i have up right now is the best i could come up with, but it's still not quite right. so if anyone else stumbles upon the hex code for a neon orange, please let me know what it is. thanks.