new colors

i know i'm posting twice in one day which makes it seem like i do nothing but sit at my computer wasting time blogging. i promise i do not.

anyway....i had this dream several nights ago about my blog (dorky, i know; it was actually just a quick flash of colors right before i woke up). it was bright orange with a pale blue text and it was stunning! so i thought i would try it. but to my dismay blogger only has a few colors to choose from and they weren't what i was looking for. so i thought i'd try to find the colors i was looking for. what i have up right now is the best i could come up with, but it's still not quite right. so if anyone else stumbles upon the hex code for a neon orange, please let me know what it is. thanks.


  1. Try these:

    Orange: FF5500, FF610C, FF5D00, FF6A07, FF7700, FF8005

    I'm not sure how helpful that actually will be but if you are interested I know how you can make your own color of orange and obtain the hex code for it. If you have regular paint it is a little more work to figure the code and if you have paint.net it figures it for you.

  2. thanks sami and mark! 8005 is similar to what i'm looking for. i'm going to use that one and keep looking. but now that it's up i'm realizing how difficult it's going to be to 1-make the colors actually look how i want them to, and 2-make the text readable. as it stands it makes my eyes hurt if i look at it too long. and 3-now that it's on the page i realized it looks a lot like the colors of the florida gators (which i'm not digging so much). so...i'll keep trying new combinations. sigh...

  3. sarah - go into photoshop and choose the color you like and then you can grab the code from that - did you know that? if you want the details of how you do that - let me know.