graphic design

i just got back from working with the amazingly talented melanie burk from fifth and hazel. she does graphic design, pattern design, logos, wedding invites, stationary...what doesn't she do?

anyway... i'm working with her for some help with logo and portfolio design. and let me just tell you, not only is she furiously talented, amazingly hard-working, and multi-faceted, but she is also a geniune sweetheart.
she is so inspiring to me; i just have to share my excitement and gratitude (and her work) with everyone!
so go. check out her work. buy some stationary. and then write a million love notes on the prettiest cards ever. and tell her i sent you. :)

ps- wanna see my logo? here it is:
what do you think?


serious rocker

ok, i have been seeing this nursery everywhere. i saw it about a week ago thru walls, a site that arica was looking at, and fell in love. then on friday katie posted it and i found its original (i think) source. gorgeous.

k so obviously i love the colors and the grasscloth. totally diggin that retro/modern vibe. but what i'm surprised about is how no one has mentioned how amazing this rocking chair is!! it's a modern take off a classic bentwood rocker design by thonet. but in metal. i am in love.
now when i think about nursery design (which i do a lot these days, in case you couldn't tell...) i tend to lean towards a big, comfy chair for nursing, cuddling, and reading stories. but chris will have none of that. he's a complete traditionalist in the sense that his dad rocked him to sleep in a rocking chair and he wants to be able to have the same kind of rocka-rock time with his son in a rocking chair. gliders won't cut it.

this is my compromise. i love this chair. it is classic and beautiful, a little retro, and very cool. and i'm pretty sure i need one. anyone who can tell me where to get one will be my new best friend.


crazy in love

when i found out we were having a little boy i thought it would be hard for me to transition into "baby boy thoughts." and yeah, maybe it did take a little time but now i'm in full swing. i have a full list of homework to do today and all i can think about it is baby stuff.

we went to the maternal-fetal specialist this morning for our monthly ultrasound and she said everything is spot-on. baby boy is developing wonderfully and is just the right size for my date, so we breathed a big sigh of relief. he is now 1 pound 6 ounces!! wow! i can't believe he's growing so fast (and i am too)! but yes...he is and chris and i are thrilled beyond belief. :)

he's a feisty little fella - always kicking and punching. you can feel him wiggling from outside my belly now and sometimes you can even see it, too. it's sort of shocking to see my belly spaz out and it's definitely distracting when i'm in school. {uh, yeah, i'd rather watch my growing creature squirm inside of me than listen to a lecture on textiles.} no contest.

i'll try to post some ultrasound pics later this week once we get them scanned in. i know probably no one thinks they're as great as i do (maybe grandparents?), but i'm pretty proud of him.


today i got to see my good friend heidi and her little man jack who are visiting from pennsylvania. we had a great time at lunch and then decided to do a little baby shopping. we hit up kid-to-kid (a baby consignment store) and i got a little carried away buying baby clothes (i think i have a problem). found some good stuff. but the most exciting part is that i found this treasure:

35 bucks!! for this charming and elegant cradle! should i say it again? 35 bucks!! yesss.....

it will be perfect for our little guy for the first few months. i am dreaming about what color i'm going to paint it and what kind of bedding i'm going to get or make. any good ideas for colors or fabrics? i'm thinking i can do something really bold since he'll only be in it for a few months. but yeah, paint and bedding...for sure both need to happen. i'm putting it on my mental list of fun projects to do once i'm graduated. i can't wait!!


hot pink sofa

many moons ago... i saw a picture of a home with a hot pink velvet sofa (or was it a chaise?) in it and fell in love. i knew that one day my dream home would have a similar piece of furniture. i haven't told many people about this dream beacuse it sounds ridiculous when i describe it.

"really...a hot pink sofa?"
...see what i'm saying?

well with honeysuckle being the pantone color of the year i'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more hot pink furniture in the days to come. but for now, i'd like to show you a pretty pink sofa that i saw over at nuevo estilo. it's not velvet or velour (it looks like linen to me) but it still conveys the idea.

does it make you smile like it does for me?