crazy in love

when i found out we were having a little boy i thought it would be hard for me to transition into "baby boy thoughts." and yeah, maybe it did take a little time but now i'm in full swing. i have a full list of homework to do today and all i can think about it is baby stuff.

we went to the maternal-fetal specialist this morning for our monthly ultrasound and she said everything is spot-on. baby boy is developing wonderfully and is just the right size for my date, so we breathed a big sigh of relief. he is now 1 pound 6 ounces!! wow! i can't believe he's growing so fast (and i am too)! but yes...he is and chris and i are thrilled beyond belief. :)

he's a feisty little fella - always kicking and punching. you can feel him wiggling from outside my belly now and sometimes you can even see it, too. it's sort of shocking to see my belly spaz out and it's definitely distracting when i'm in school. {uh, yeah, i'd rather watch my growing creature squirm inside of me than listen to a lecture on textiles.} no contest.

i'll try to post some ultrasound pics later this week once we get them scanned in. i know probably no one thinks they're as great as i do (maybe grandparents?), but i'm pretty proud of him.


today i got to see my good friend heidi and her little man jack who are visiting from pennsylvania. we had a great time at lunch and then decided to do a little baby shopping. we hit up kid-to-kid (a baby consignment store) and i got a little carried away buying baby clothes (i think i have a problem). found some good stuff. but the most exciting part is that i found this treasure:

35 bucks!! for this charming and elegant cradle! should i say it again? 35 bucks!! yesss.....

it will be perfect for our little guy for the first few months. i am dreaming about what color i'm going to paint it and what kind of bedding i'm going to get or make. any good ideas for colors or fabrics? i'm thinking i can do something really bold since he'll only be in it for a few months. but yeah, paint and bedding...for sure both need to happen. i'm putting it on my mental list of fun projects to do once i'm graduated. i can't wait!!


  1. that cradle is amazing! Love it!

  2. I'm glad it came back together okay after our adventure in trying to get it into the car! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  3. So happy to read this post. I am excited to see ultrasound pictures! I love the cradle. Such a great find!

  4. awesome find! yeah it is weird to see body parts sticking out of you- almost a little alien like ;-) yay!

  5. Ha! We have that cradle! It's so nice to find a steal.