hot pink sofa

many moons ago... i saw a picture of a home with a hot pink velvet sofa (or was it a chaise?) in it and fell in love. i knew that one day my dream home would have a similar piece of furniture. i haven't told many people about this dream beacuse it sounds ridiculous when i describe it.

"really...a hot pink sofa?"
...see what i'm saying?

well with honeysuckle being the pantone color of the year i'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more hot pink furniture in the days to come. but for now, i'd like to show you a pretty pink sofa that i saw over at nuevo estilo. it's not velvet or velour (it looks like linen to me) but it still conveys the idea.

does it make you smile like it does for me?


  1. yes i knew in the right context you could totally make it happen, just like they did in this room. can't wait to see it in your future. (:

  2. mooost definitely makes me smile. holy smokes its beautiful!