serious rocker

ok, i have been seeing this nursery everywhere. i saw it about a week ago thru walls, a site that arica was looking at, and fell in love. then on friday katie posted it and i found its original (i think) source. gorgeous.

k so obviously i love the colors and the grasscloth. totally diggin that retro/modern vibe. but what i'm surprised about is how no one has mentioned how amazing this rocking chair is!! it's a modern take off a classic bentwood rocker design by thonet. but in metal. i am in love.
now when i think about nursery design (which i do a lot these days, in case you couldn't tell...) i tend to lean towards a big, comfy chair for nursing, cuddling, and reading stories. but chris will have none of that. he's a complete traditionalist in the sense that his dad rocked him to sleep in a rocking chair and he wants to be able to have the same kind of rocka-rock time with his son in a rocking chair. gliders won't cut it.

this is my compromise. i love this chair. it is classic and beautiful, a little retro, and very cool. and i'm pretty sure i need one. anyone who can tell me where to get one will be my new best friend.

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my last blog post. That is really nice of you, really nice. I'm so excited for you and Chris and love reading your updates. And... I'm loving this nursery. :)