Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone!! Take a holiday hiatus, enjoy time with your friends and family, and cuddle up warm next to your fire or Christmas tree. I'll be doing the same.


life: still searching for a rocking chair

i'm still searching for a rocking chair. i have a few favorites. 

i would love a rocker like one of these. i love scandinavian design, especially midcentury danish. these would look so pretty in my nursery.  i think if i could have any chair, it would be an old teak rocker of danish design like these.

i've also been looking for one of these for a long time.  i stumbled upon this one today and was reminded of my love for the vintage shape, mixed with the modern chrome.  don't worry, it's only $1200 on ebay.  psh...  if only there was one that i had access to...    

or i could go with a classic eames rocker.  they come in so many great colors now!

what do you think? i've been nursing thom in a folding camping chair since we moved here (umm...4 months ago... yeah....) but i really want to find the perfect rocking chair and keep it forever.  that would be the really eco-conscious thing to do.  should i hold out for the perfect chair at the right price?  

or should i just get something cheap (ikea's poang chair?) for right now because really, anything's better than a camping chair...?  maybe i'd upgrade later, or maybe i'd really love that poang chair and hey, it's only a hundred bucks.  tough decision.

what would you do?  if money were no object, which one would you choose?  since money is an object, what would you do if you were me?


inspired: a day at the beach

a few weeks ago my husband decided we should take an impromptu visit to the beach.  the days are getting chillier and we needed to feel some sand in our toes.  so we quickly packed the car and drove the 45 minutes to surfside, tx.  yes, there were surfers (didn't think it was possible in the gulf of mexico?  think again).  i'll be back to try my luck at surfing another day.

although it was too chilly to swim, we walked around, stuck our toes in the sand, watched the birds dive into the surf for fish, and admired the surfers who were braving the cold waves because the wind and the waves did seem really great for surfing.

while walking up and down the shore, i noticed the most beautiful house.  it was different from most of the other houses along the beach because it was so demure.  can you see the teal and purple home in the background of this picture?  yep, that's what most other beach houses look like.  i like that, too, and i think it suits the beach vibe, but i loved this simple, all-wood house.  it was like a large piece of architectural driftwood.

i particularly noticed the faded wood grain on the plywood panels that cover the windows.  you can't see them in much detail here but the graining on them was so beautiful.  it reminded me of burl wood (though it is not burl.  it just reminded me of it).  so i did a quick search for burl inspiration and found these lovelies.

a beautiful burl console, via

burl and lucite desk - can this please be a christmas present to me??

lovely burl dresser, via

i loved our day at the beach!
our family at the beach
can you spot the creature?  i'll give you 100 cool points if you can guess what it is!