life: still searching for a rocking chair

i'm still searching for a rocking chair. i have a few favorites. 

i would love a rocker like one of these. i love scandinavian design, especially midcentury danish. these would look so pretty in my nursery.  i think if i could have any chair, it would be an old teak rocker of danish design like these.

i've also been looking for one of these for a long time.  i stumbled upon this one today and was reminded of my love for the vintage shape, mixed with the modern chrome.  don't worry, it's only $1200 on ebay.  psh...  if only there was one that i had access to...    

or i could go with a classic eames rocker.  they come in so many great colors now!

what do you think? i've been nursing thom in a folding camping chair since we moved here (umm...4 months ago... yeah....) but i really want to find the perfect rocking chair and keep it forever.  that would be the really eco-conscious thing to do.  should i hold out for the perfect chair at the right price?  

or should i just get something cheap (ikea's poang chair?) for right now because really, anything's better than a camping chair...?  maybe i'd upgrade later, or maybe i'd really love that poang chair and hey, it's only a hundred bucks.  tough decision.

what would you do?  if money were no object, which one would you choose?  since money is an object, what would you do if you were me?


  1. I think I like the one in the very top picture the best. And I say hold out for what you will really love and will keep forever. It may take longer to upgrade, but you will actually spend less in the long run than if you buy another thing that is better than what you have, but not really something you'll love.

  2. I am so in love with A but I understand the desire to get D - aren't I so much help? If it were me and I bought D I'd probably never buy A because I'd always find a reason to spend my money elsewhere. But not buying D doesn't necessarily mean you'll get A but it does improve your chances!

  3. you are both right! i decided to get a poang chair off craigslist and save up for the rocker that i really want (A, of course!). how many years will it take until i get it? that's another question...

  4. Where is the first picture from? The one with the gray cushion?