project: r+d paint selection

r+d just bought a new home down in miami  (congrats!!) and wanted to give her a fresh coat of paint before moving in.  they are moving with very little furniture and want a sophisticated, neutral palette that they could add any kind of furniture and accent colors into.  

r loves green and grey, and really wants to use the floral chair shown below.  they also have yellowish oak floors that are staying.  so with that direction, this is the paint scheme i put together for them:

all the colors are benjamin moore.  i suggested painting all the trim and woodwork in decorator's white (a nice, pure white with no undertones) to tie in the different colors and make the rooms flow.  galapagos green would make the living room cozy and warm.  sage tint in the dining and kitchen areas, as well as the bathrooms, keep it bright.  silver song in the master bedroom.

r loves gold accents, which i think would work beautifully with this palette.  she wants to incorporate natural elements like tree branch artwork, pallets, etc. her calm accent colors could be violet and sky blue, or if she wants to get really crazy she could accent with fuchsia or poppy.

when i get some after pictures, i'll post them!

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