guest: luxurious master bedrooms

Today I've got a guest blogger giving tips for making a master bedroom more luxurious.  Take it away, Joanna!

 Hello! I’m Joanna, a blogger for Arcadian Lighting, an online source for gorgeous light fixtures of every style. I adore my work. It’s so much fun to spend my days searching the Internet for the most lovely interior design images and decorating ideas. When it comes to my own decor, it’s very eclectic--I can’t decide on just one style or color. Many of us live such amped up lifestyles, we need a space that is dedicated to relaxation and renewal—a luxurious master bedroom provides just that. Elements such as sumptuous bedding, pale palettes, dim lighting, and soft textures add desired comfort to the space. The following are some of my favorite master suites. Which do you like best? Thank you Sarah, for letting me share with your readers today!
Master Bedroom
Soft earthy tones make this master suite the perfect place for a good night’s sleep. Fretwork mirrors and window treatments add interest to the space. A fireplace in the bedroom is always a huge plus.
Master Bedroom
An all-white suite features metallic elements for a sophisticated feel. The curvy tufted headboard adds a touch of luxury.
Master Bedroom
This stately master bedroom, with its French furnishings and fine detailing, looks luxurious enough for a princess.
Master Bedroom
A massive canopied bed is the focal point of this traditional master bedroom. Windows overlook the cityscape. The vintage rug perfectly anchors the space. A lovely mix of lamps will cast a warm glow after dark.
Master Bedroom
This glamorous loft suite boasts silvery elements on all surfaces and furnishings. The French floor mirrors reflect light into the room making the metallic surfaces glisten. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 What do you think of these luxurious master bedrooms? Add lavishness to your bedroom with one of the many ceiling lights, wall sconces, or lighting fixtures from our site!

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