inspired: pia wustenberg

i have had precious little time for myself lately but as i couldn't NOT share this.  i recently stumbled on the work by pia wustenberg and instantly fell in love.  i love the mix of materials, the modern shapes with the traditional materials, and her brilliant innovation.  see for yourself:

"india"stacking vessels - a 3 part vessel made of ceramic, glass, and wood.


hanging lights made with rolled paper that's been turned with a lathe

more stacking vessels.  i think i want all of these.

tea set.  simple and serene.

i love this trestle with colorful paper beads.

and my favorite part?  she's a designer with a sense of humor.  i totally covet this portable hanging nest.  and the graphite and paper ring and cuff set is sheer brilliance!

now that i know what my life savings will be blown on... what's your favorite product from her collection?  and what are your thoughts on her aesthetic?

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    I really love the stacking vessels - those have a sort of Southwestern flavor to them :)

    By the way, I had a question about your blog - could you email me when you get the chance? Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you.