project: the green house- great room inspiration board

i've been hard at work crunching budget numbers, and then finding furniture, artwork, light fixtures, and rugs for our new home.  and i think i've finally got a decent plan concocted!  here's what i'm thinking for our kitchen/living/dining great room.

1-art from big cartel.  
it's a large, glossy, painted wood panel.    it'll go right over our dining room table.
2- storage solution - i got the idea here.  
i'm going to customize it a little bit for the size we need and the look we're going for.  but this will either go in our computer desk area or will house some books, dvds, and our dvd player.  or both.  plumbing pipe and reclaimed wood?  yes, i think i can handle that.
3-dining table and chairs from csn.  
i like that it features a removable leaf so when we're having guests we can expand, but when it's just the 3 of us it won't take up as much space.
4- cute little side chair from urban outfitters
 it'll go beside our fireplace, in the little reading nook with the plumbing bookshelf. 
5- industrial type stool from ikea.  
i'd like to find some vintage drafting stools eventually, but this is cheap and accessible, so i'm all over it. 
6- grey sectional from west elm.  
now i'm not normally a sectional type person, but this one is modular which means we can switch up furniture arrangements as we need to (i'm a big fan of doing that), the seats are wide and accommodating, and the color is great.  add to that the fact that west elm upholstery is all 15% off right now, and you've got a deal.  i pick these up thursday!
7- making mercury lamps with burlap shades out of some old glass lamps i already have?  yes please!  

so there it is.  version 1.0 of our great room.  i  can't wait for it to be completed!  wanna come hang out?


  1. Looks fantastic!! I love the sectional. When's the housewarming party?

    Have you looked at Room and Board? I love their furniture.

  2. that's my sofa to be! the baxter! great choice. (; also, that wall unit is fantastic. i could see myself with it someday. can't wait to see how it all turns out.

  3. yes, lisa, we'll for sure have a housewarming party! i'm thinking some friday in a few weeks. and heck yeah, i love room and board. they have beautiful midcentury furniture that i die for. those will be my "save up and buy as a splurge" pieces that we can acquire once we're mostly furnished.
    and arica, yes, it's the baxter! turns out, it was the only one that both chris and i liked. it is super comfy and the lines are great. you're a lady with good taste.