inspired: seoul, south korea

wanna see one of my favorite homes?  oh ok, i guess i'll show it to you...

it was designed by seoul architect byoung-soo cho as his "urban dream house."  he designed it as 4 boxes built around a courtyard - a perfect way to connect with nature in one's house.

 here's one view of the courtyard.  i love the use of different materials on the stairs.
this next pic is a view of the dining room from the courtyard. i love the textured concrete wall above the glass wall.  all this sophistication calls for a little roughness, i think.

here's a view of an upstairs window, strategically placed for ventilation and air-flow, i'm sure. 

this may be my favorite room - the architect and his wife relax in the tea room, a small room with paper walls.  can i have one in my dream home, please?
so there you have it.  my heart in south korea.  i adore the textured concrete walls (well... all of the use of  materials, actually), the atrium at the center of the home, and the tea room. 

if you wanna see more pics or read about it, go here.

what are your favorite parts of this home?

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  1. drooling. how beautiful is this? i love all of it. the stairs are amazing! ps. my sister in law just got home from a mission in south korea.. she would love this.