life: house hunting

i went house hunting today for a new place in houston.  it's simultaneously exciting and nerve-racking.  i just keep telling myself that it's just a year and it's just a rental.  but of course, to a designer, a home is a very important decision.  what do you look for in a new home or rental?

there are so many choices to make: urban or suburban?  town home or single family house?  open, modern design or cozy cottage style?

here are a few pics of the homes we're looking at.  vote for your favorite!!

OPTION #1: 1920s bungalow.  2 bed, 1 bath.  small, cozy, cute.  also the least expensive on our list.


sweet patio in the back yard

small but cozy living room.  furniture goes.
OPTION #2: modern townhouse in a gated community.  2 bed, 2.5 bath.  beautiful finishes, open floor plan.  upper end of our budget.
open floor plan
beautiful finishes

i could get used to these windows.  :)
OPTION #3: the green townhouse.  the finishes aren't as rich as #2, but the price is lower and we get an extra bedroom!
exterior: stand alone town house.

living/dining open to the kitchen
sizable kitchen, nice finishes and appliances.
large master bedroom with tray ceiling
master bathroom - big enough for the 2 of us!
OPTION #4:  3 bed, 2.5 bath. sizable town home. again, at the top of our price range, but we get 3 bedrooms and it's gorgeous!
kitchen and living - nice, open layout.  beautiful finishes.

master bath 
large master bedroom

ok...so there are the contenders.  which one would you pick?  and the big question, which one will we pick?


  1. i like 1 & 2 the most. 1 for the old old charm, and 2 because of the loftyness of it all!

    you could be like me and be forced to choose without ever seeing the place in person, or learning whether or not the neighbors are on drugs. aahaha.

  2. Hey! I was wondering how house hunting was going. We are in a nice apartment with a lot of windows and great lighting. It's definitely on the upper end of our budget, but it's worth it. I don't feel like I need to get out of the house all the time. I'm just happy to be here. It's worth it to me! Although we didn't really have a choice on price if we wanted to live in the safe part of town~!