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house #3 - i dubbed it "the green house" when i was house hunting because all the walls look like they were tinted green in the pictures.  granted, the walls of the 3rd bedroom actually ARE bright green but when i visited it i saw that the majority of walls are actually a sandy tan color.  but tell me...do they look greenish to you too??

so...welcome to our new home.  wanna take a look around?

when you come in the front door there's a small entryway, and then you are lead up a flight of stairs.  when you reach the landing of the stairs you may either turn left into our main living area or you may go down to the lower level where our 3rd bedroom, bath, and garage are.  
stairs going up and down off the main level
here's our dining and living area 

 this little balcony is right off the kitchen.  i intend to put a little cafe table up here and have moonlight teas or sorbets with chris.

the view from the balcony looks down onto our entry gate and patio.  i also have big plans for this space - a little garden with a trellis, i think...  

off the kitchen there are some stairs that lead up to the master bedroom and what will be thom's bedroom.  
master bath
master bedroom
thom's bedroom
thom's bathroom

 and remember how i said off the first stair landing you could go down onto the 1st floor where the 3rd bed, bath, and garage are?  well here they are: 

 what will this bedroom be?  guest room?  craft room?  music room?  office?  library?  we'll just have to see...
3rd bedroom
3rd bathroom
 bonus!!  it's comes with a washer and dryer!!  just what we need to wash all of thom's constantly dirty clothes.  sweet.  
so there you have it.  i've got a furniture plan all worked out, now i just have to dream up what style, colors, etc. i'll use.  that's the hard part.  let the fun begin!!

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