nursery progress

as an interior designer, i find it somewhat embarassing to post pictures of my house when it's a disaster. in fact, i think many people are shocked when they find out that interior designers have normal homes with normal clutter and organization issues, just like everyone else. **GASP!**

but... for the sake of before and after pics, i'm going to show you the disaster that WAS our music/craft/storage/guest/everything room and is in the process of becoming ONLY a guest room/nursery for our little man.

but here they are- the current before and after shots.

so what i've done so far is clear out a bunch of crap from the room (musical instruments, craft stuff, filing cabinets, school supplies and old projects, etc. etc. etc.) and then find places for all his little man stuff in the closet. i also made his bed.

but seriously! with a pregnancy woman's energy level (read: lowest i think it's ever been in my life!) i'm surprised i've gotten even that done.

now i just have more cleaning and packing (lots!) and the fun stuff (decor - yay!) to do.


  1. Good job on getting organized! I love it.

  2. such a great feeling to have all that organized huh? it looks fab!

  3. thanks! yes, it's such a relief! it just makes me breathe a little easier...