nursery colors

sometimes i think designing for youself is so much harder than designing for a client. there are just so many beautiful things to love and no one to reign you in! i can't even begin to tell you how many reincarnations this nursery has had. i haven't done them all but i've gone through about a gazillion different ideas of what to do and what colors and fabrics to use...

the last time chris and i were at the fabric store trying to pick out fabrics for some art and pillows in the nursery, tears were shed (by me, not chris). haha, yes... it's an emotional decision. and although i try to remind myself that we're only going to be living with this particular nursery for about 3 months, i still feel like it needs to be a masterpiece.

so here is a little taste of where i currently think i'm gonna go with this room...

fabrics are from hancock fabrics and joann. the blankie in the crib was made by chris' mom (i need to find out where i can get more of that fabric!) and the watercolor is by ashmae of birds of ashmae. i love her watercolors. after thom is born i want to get a family portrait done by her. it would be a treasure.

what do you think? do you like the scheme? and for you designers out there, do you think it's harder to design for yourself or for someone else?


  1. It's so you, Sarah. I never know exactly what to expect with your designs because your vision is so unique. One of the many reasons I love you. I think the color schemes match well and although I'm not a schooled designer but I think most women think about interior design when they imagine their homes. I would say it's easier to design for others because designing for ourselves is more emotionally personal and something we have to look at every day. Love you!

  2. That fabric on the far left, with the fruit, might be the cutest thing I've ever seen in my entire life. His room is going to be gorgeous! I can't wait to see the final product!

  3. love the color scheme, love my boppy, and love ashmae. i would die for one of those family portraits. see you saturday!

  4. I love it Sarah! Very original.