craft night

i hosted craft night with my design girls last weekend. this time the craft was freezer-paper stenciling. craft night is an event that i'd like continue for a long time. it's been so much fun to get together every now and again and just unwind and let loose on some crazy crafts!
i wish i had taken pics with my regular camera that night. i only used my holga (which i looove - thanks chris!!) and need to get that film developed.

not everyone made a craft; sometimes it's just more fun to chat and laugh! but here are the results of the night:katie made a cool sherlock holmes bag. good for farmer's market, or the library, if she ever went. ;)lexie monogrammed some canvas blocks...
and then busted out this terrarium, which she finished at home. then, feeling inspired, i suppose, she made another canvas picture, in honor of her new puppy!
here's my final project:
yes, of course mine was a thom-related craft. can you tell i'm getting a little obsessed with this little man? i cannot wait to meet him!!

and yes, chris and i hope to influence him with our nerdiness by surrounding him with all things nerdy. robots, bicycles, periodic tables.... haha, he doesn't stand a chance...


  1. Nope, with you as his mama, he doesn't have a chance!

  2. love what you guys ended up with! wish i could've stayed and made some of my own. next time, next time. it was wonderful seeing everyone though, thanks for hosting!