here is my design confession of the day:

since not many people besides chris and myself see our bedroom, it is always the last room to get any design lovin. in fact, it often gets neglected.

does anyone else do that? i don't know why i do it or if it's a common trend but i've decided it's got to stop. a nice bedroom is soooo important! that's where we relax, get dressed in the morning, sleep, read, cuddle, etc. it shouldn't be neglected because it's the first thing we see in the morning and the last thing we see before we go to sleep.

so i'm finally getting around to redecorating our bedroom. i've got a pretty good idea for a color scheme. it needs to be relaxing, but sexy. sophisticated, and not too over-the-top girly. but i'm finding that translating a hypothetical color scheme into a reality is sorta difficult if i don't want to spend mucho $$$$$$. which i don't.

but anyway...the process has begun. i'll post pics as i go along. a few weeks ago was my furniture rearranging day. yesterday was my deep-cleaning and purging day. today was supposed to be my color day but man, this is taking so much longer than i imagined! i thought i'd found an awesome new bedspread, but alas, when i took it home the color was good but the texture was lacking. boo.

anyway...since our budget is nil i stopped at DI to see if i could find a new hanging light fixture. i didn't find one but i did find these:

i think these are so pretty! i love the dainty, vintagey colors! they weren't in my original color scheme but i'm going to see if i can work them in. if not...they'll go in the guest room. and no, the lamp isn't staying gold. i painted it dark blue. hopefully it looks good when it's dry. and yes, i'll post pics.

next up: a few inspiration pics.


  1. I could definitely use your eye in decorating our new place. It stresses me out! I LOVE those plates. Jealous.

  2. I definitely agree about the bedroom neglect... I never think about how to decorate it and sadly, it's always my last priority when I'm cleaning too.

    I am excited to see how it looks when it is completed!

  3. I LOVE that lamp! You have a good eye for that kind of thing.