earth day!

happy earth day!!

around this time of year i always get excited about green things and try my hand at planting some sort of garden. last weekend chris and i decided we were going to add some greenery and air purifiers to our little apartment. it started off as an idea of making a plant chandelier but that fizzled as soon as we realized we'd have to order the plants and probably some small, light glass containers to put them in. so....it transformed into a much simpler project: get some glass containers from d.i. and go to lowes to find some indoor plants to put in them. easy enough.

results? a greener window, a happier s+c, and cleaner air for our little apartment.
view from our sofa.

my favorite plant. doesn't it have a cool texture? i think this little guy needs a name. any ideas?

you can see our little goldfish, princess jasmine, in this one if you look closely. she lives in a plastic bamboo bowl by the door and is quite friendly. also...she loves to eat.

ok, well that's all. happy earth day! go outside and enjoy the perfect weather!


  1. love plants! i want some more of them. love your set up!

  2. You should name the plant Raymond. :)