aaron's pillows

over my break one thing i did was work a little bit on the decor for my brothers' apartments. they both live in bland, dated student apartments. here's a quick peek at some sprucing i did for aaron's apartment. he asked me to add some excitement to his apartment so the first thing i did was add some colorful throw pillows. the pillows were an obvious starting point because the sofa came with brown pillows that matched the sofa exactly. WHAT'S THE POINT OF A THROW PILLOW IF IT MATCHES THE SOFA??

for the new covers i chose a masculine navy tartan and balanced it with a geometric print in green. to me, it accurately shows the personalities of all the men who share the apartment. manly, but not too serious.

here's how much he loves them:

still more work to come: artwork, lighting solutions, more color everywhere.... but for now...at least they've got some fun pillows to cuddle with.