life: a little more green

so remember my goal for living smaller?  well...let me just say that it is a CHALLENGE!  it is HARD not buying stuff!  i think i'm just wired to be a consumer.  anyone else feel like that?
  but probably the easiest part of my 3 goals (for me, anyway...) is the third challenge - to surround myself with more green.  

along that vein, i saw this inspiring talk on TED (have i told you how obsessed i am with ted?) that got me really excited about growing plants in my apartment.  take it or leave it, but it's a provocative idea.  the idea of growing your own food, without soil, in your window.  talk about small-space friendly!  

here's a link to her window farming site, where there are pdfs on how to build your own window farm, or links to where you can buy your own pre-built window farm.  

though i like the idea of window farming a lot, i think the simplicity of good old dirt and sunshine farming suits me better.  first project: some herbs for my kitchen!  inspiration?  here it comes:
 here's the one i'd really like to try:
 the comments say to make a few modifications for drainage and to avoid mold.  but this is a great starting point!

do you have plants in your home?  do you grow your own herbs?  do you think it adds to the quality of your life?  or the quality of your food?

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