inspired: pantone's color of the year - tangerine tango

2012- pantone has decided that the color of the year is... tangerine tango!  

yeah, there has been some talk that the color has already been done...  but in my opinion, it's a great color!  it's got the punchiness of orange but just enough red in it to make it liveable.  i love it in small doses to enliven  a room and enrich a palette.  

so...maybe you are intrigued by this color?  and maybe you want to incorporate it into your home, but aren't so sure you'd love it on all your walls (don't worry... i wouldn't either.)  here's one example of how i'd do it:

you've got your neutral grey sofa and indigo rug that are staples.  good!  don't change 'em.  since tangerine is a trendy color, you may get sick of it quickly.  so add it in as high-impact accents that would be easy to change out.  

1- throw in some poppies.  real or canvas.
2- anchor your room with a great paint color for your walls.  go dramatic with a dark fatigue green.  or choose a neutral, light khaki.  for bright color, pick one that pulls in grey, green, and blue! 
3- you could add accents of tangerine into your draperies.
4- add some colorful throw pillows.  
5- and while you're at it, a natural side table to balance out all the bold color.
et, viola!  you've got yourself a taste of tangerine, without citrus overload.  

here are some other great examples of what you could do with tangerine tango:
earthy palette - greys, browns, and r-o-y.

sophisticated with olive.

jonathan adler makes orange a key player in this fuchsia and persimmon room

love it with some robin's egg blue.

and it's almost peaceful when paired with a sea foam green
all sources on my pinterest.  

so there are many ways to incorporate bright tangerine into your space if you dare.  which color combo would you be most likely to try?


  1. vary livable! I think my house could use a little tangerine, it's feeling slightly monotone.

  2. thanks, katie! yeah, tangerine is spicy enough that you just need a little bit for a lot of impact. try it! i wanna see pics...