project: c+m's entryway

my sister and her husband recently bought a house.  it's got beautiful bones but needs a lot of love in the design department (note the jade green carpet below).  ;)  fortunately for them, her husband is a construction manager and knows all about building and construction.  and her favorite sister (what?!) is an interior designer.  so they are totally up for the task.  

of course i'm offering her my services.  

we started with the entry way for a few reasons:
1- it's the first thing anyone sees when they enter the home.
and 2- it's a small space and easy to complete.  sometimes when you're updating your entire house, it's easy to get bogged down, feeling like nothing is complete and there's so much to do.  because there is!  so we wanted to have one project that would be quick to complete.

here's how it's going down.  my sis sent me pics and dimensions of the space.  

we chatted on the phone about what her style is, how she wants the room (as well as the entire home) to feel. luckily, i understand her style pretty well.  i call it "casual elegant."  she's got 2 children so it needs to be livable, but there are also 2 adults that live there, so it needs some elegance, too.  her style leans toward the traditional end of the spectrum, but she likes to blend with more modern/transitional accessories and textiles.  so here's the first draft of what i came up with:

1- modern orb chandelier.
2- inexpensive, yet ornate mirror.  this will be painted a different color.
3- wall stencil for some textural interest.
4- large gourd lamp in a fun color
5- entry rug in a durable material
6- the main player- the console
7- colorful accessories

all sources on my pinterest.  

what do you think?  


  1. Although it is your sister's style, there is still some of you in there! Love!

  2. of course i'm gonna infuse some of my flava into the designs... it's impossible not to! it's traditional but still fun. glad you like it, katie!