inspired: hexagons

hexagons - what a cool shape, right?  

i was checking out the sweet acrylic jewelry at brevity and saw her line of hexagonal necklaces.  there's something organic, yet modern about this shape that intrigues me.  when i see it i think of bees and honey and spanish tiles and 7th grade geometry. 

here's a bit of what brevity has:

and here's my hexagon-inspired board:
it's a little abstract, but it's how the thought of hexagons makes me feel.  the vases are from west elm, the artwork is by molly courcelle, the tiles are sendai, and the table is noguchi.


  1. Pretty spendy, but I love this print! http://www.gormanshop.com.au/clothing/skirts/major-weave-mini-skirt.html

  2. cute! and that shade of violet is sweeeet.